A&S Computers of CNY

Vacation Property Security

Protect your investment and enjoy your vacation property even more with a video surveillance system installed by A&S Computers. This system allows you to feel as if you were there even when you’re far away.

Even if you don’t use your vacation home every weekend, you can still keep an eye on it with our advanced home monitoring system. Connect easily using any compatible smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, and find yourself instantly transported to your vacation getaway. You can set up instant email alerts with snapshot images of events that occurred in your absence, or take a break at work and watch the peaceful lake from your front porch.

The products A&S Computers uses are reliable, high-quality, convenient, and versatile. At A&S Computers, you can have superior technology, innovation, and dependability for a price you can afford.

Imagine being able to see the sun come up over the lake at your vacation home from your office. Now you don’t have to imagine: you can have all this and more with a surveillance system installed by A&S Computers. A surveillance system lets you get away without going away, so you can get even more enjoyment out of your vacation property.