A&S Computers of CNY

Pet Monitoring

Do you know what your pet gets up to when you’re not there? Keep an eye or listen-in to the reassuring “pet talk” and even reply back with your own voice.

Training your pet can be tough, but that just got easier with the advanced two-way talk feature. You can praise or discipline your best friend, with your familiar voice from a different room.

Every pet owner loves to take pictures and video of their beloved friend, and now that’s easier than ever. You can record on the fly with the one-touch video option, or you can set the system to record automatically whenever your pet makes a sound with the audio trigger function. The SD compatible IP camera can store up to 16GB worth of footage, which is easily transferable to a PC or Mac for uploading to any of the popular social media sites.

Have you ever wanted to have a moment with your dog or cat when you were away at work, or on vacation? Now you can, as the monitoring system allows you to connect with your pet as much as you want, whenever you want, using your compatible smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac. You’ll enjoy a live video and audio feed wherever you are, making you feel more connected and in touch with your beloved animal companion.