A&S Computers of CNY

Business Security

Building a business is hard, and keeping an eye on that business is easy with a security system installed by A&S Computers. Protect what you’ve built with reliable recording and remote connectivity on any device

You never have to guess what’s going on at your place of business day or night with the super-resolution cameras. The business security cameras offer improved sharpness, clarity, and detail under all light conditions; capture detailed video footage at any time, all the time.

With your new security camera system, you can keep an eye on your business via your smart phone, tablet, PC, or Mac. View and control your system from anywhere in the world, and see live video within seconds. With the right surveillance system, you’ll never be in the dark again.

With a fully integrated system, you can keep an eye on your business twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Its compact size and powerful performance, as well as its capacity for continuous recording of weeks, even months, of activity, make it a great solution for all your surveillance needs. With intuitive navigation, touch operation, the capability to back up your recordings, receive instant email alerts, and dedicated Apps, provide ultimate security in a simple, easy-to-use package. You need never worry about business security again.