A&S Computers of CNY

Computer Services

Computer running slow?

There are several causes for a slow running computer, anything from hardware failures to virus infections. Our highly qualified technicians can quickly diagnose these issues and provide estimates on the needed repairs.

Because of the complicated nature of today’s computer systems, most troubleshooting and diagnostic services will require access to the equipment. For this, A&S Computers offers two options for our customers, the equipment can be dropped off at our Central Square, NY location or we can provide onsite diagnostic services.

We here at A&S Computers do not believe in “nickel and diming” our customers. You will get our honest opinion on your computer. We believe it is in our customer’s best interest to be told whether or not your computer is worth the cost to fix it. With our honesty first approach, you can be guaranteed we will only prescribe the repairs needed to get your computer back up and running.

Virus Removal

With viruses in the thousands running ramped on the internet, your computer and personal information may be at risk. We can remove the infection and get your computer back up to speed.

Cleaning and Mantenance

Over time, with regular use, computers get dirty. If allowed to go untreated it can cause major issues. Symptoms can include anything from a noticeable decrease in performance, random restarts to equipment failure. We suggest bringing your computer in for routine cleanings, at least twice a year. We can provide onsite services as well. Our business customers should schedule routine cleanings for all their computer systems, call us today to make an appointment.


New life can be given to older computers by upgrading its hardware. We can review your computer’s hardware and make suggestions on upgrading to improve your computing experience.

New computers purchased through A&S Computers come with free upgrade installation for as long as you own the computer, you’ll only be responsible for purchasing the necessary hardware.


Whether you need a wireless network set up at your home or a new file server for your business. Visit our networking section to see more details.

Backup Services

Sometimes a hard drive failure can leave you without your important documents. We offer backup services so you can backup your important information before it becomes a problem.

If your computer has a hardware failure other than a hard drive there are some options to recover your data if you decide not to repair the system. We can remove the hard drive and install it into an enclosure, which would allow you to connect it to any computer via USB.

When purchasing a new computer to replace an old one, we can take the data from your old computer and make it available on your new computer.

We also offer online backup solutions through Nordic Online Backup, one of our affiliates.